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New York, NY, 14 May 2015 – Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) is pleased to announce that Kennedy has named Deloitte member firms (Deloitte) a global leader in Forensics Investigation Consulting and a global leader in Dispute Analysis & Advisory in their report entitled Forensic & Dispute Advisory Financial Consulting 2014.

Kennedy’s report provides a detailed examination of the markets for Forensic Investigation and Dispute Analysis & Advisory services (F&DA). The report lays out the opportunities and challenges for buyers and sellers of Forensic & Dispute Financial Consulting related services focusing on market trends, client spending forecasts, and the competitive landscape. The report notes “Client demand for FI and DA&A services is slowly converging into one market. This trend is being driven by the presence of discovery, data management and forensic accounting aspects in both types of engagements.” Specifically for Deloitte, Kennedy notes, “The F&DA practice has invested heavily in technology over the past five years, as part of the firm’s overall strategy to embed technology, data and analytics into all offerings. This move has paid dividends for the practice in several areas.”

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