Effective Outsourcing And Your Press Release Distribution Plan

2-Upload the press release/s into the distribution service interface/s

A virtual assistant or someone who has experience of using press release distribution services can copy and paste your work in as needed, while you spend your time doing other mission-critical tasks. They should have a good eye for detail and be able to follow instructions clearly.

3-Tracking and reporting results

Once the press release is published, your distribution service will show you the results in terms of reader activity and media pickups. An assistant can create a report and track the most important pickups. They can create links to those pickups and publish them on your media page. Your metrics can also help you decide if you are getting the best return on investment from the various services you use, and adjust your plan as needed.

4-Keeping to your timetable

Your plan should have a clear timetable of what needs to happen, and when. A freelancer can help you gather all the pieces you need for each release.

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