Effective Outsourcing And Your Press Release Distribution Plan

You will need to lay the groundwork in terms of:

  • What is new that is worthy of a press release
  • What your goal is for the press release
  • What call to action you want to include in your press release (it should be related to your goals, such as more subscribers or sales)
  • Images to support the release (releases with images are more likely to get pickups)
  • The contact information for the person journalists can follow up[2] with
  • The niche or target audience you are aiming for

Of course, if you have to put in all of this effort anyway, you might just try to go all the way and write your own 400-word release. If you choose to do it yourself, there are a range of ways that an outsourcer can help.

1-Create media lists

Successful media outreach is all about making connections with the media representatives who work in your niche. They can be journalists, bloggers and more. A database of contact information can help you pitch the right content to the right people. A press release will usually be a must for top journalists if you want media pickups in any prestigious publications.

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