Deloitte reports FY2020 revenue

WorldClass initiatives include the development of a scholarship program in Mexico[13] in under-served areas to help teenagers earn a college education; a program in the UK to help bridge the digital skills gap in collaboration with Ada[14]; and the RightStep initiative[15] in the US to help students overcome the obstacles they face on their path to college readiness.

“At Deloitte, we’re committed to applying what we’ve learned—throughout our history and especially during the pandemic—to meet this moment and help our people, clients, and communities emerge from it even more resilient,” says Renjen. “We want to reimagine and create a better world—one where organizations are flexible and prepared for the next crisis; where people and technology bring out the best in each other; where alliances are built to solve problems; and where organizations are trusted.”

To learn more about Deloitte’s societal impact and FY2020 performance, please read our 2020 Global Impact Report[16].

*5.5% total revenue growth is based on continuing operations. Revenues from businesses sold in FY2019 have been excluded from FY2019 numbers, which have been adjusted from the figure published in September 2019. Without this adjustment, FY2020 total revenue growth, in local currency, is 4.7%. 

Note: All growth rates presented in this press release are in local currency terms unless otherwise specified.

About the Deloitte societal-impact commitment

Deloitte’s purpose, to make an impact that matters, compels us to act on the increasingly complex challenges society faces today. We are committed to responsible business practices, serving the public interest and working to create a better, more sustainable world for people, our clients and the planet.

Through WorldClass we aim to develop job skills, improve educational outcomes and expand opportunities for 50 million people worldwide by 2030. Our WorldClimate strategy sets out our approach to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030 and engage our professionals and collaborate with our clients to address the climate crisis. Our ALL IN diversity, equity and inclusion strategy supports a culture where all Deloitte people have equal opportunities to grow, develop and succeed.

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