©1999-2013 Varden Technologies, Inc. 77 Franklin Street, 7th Floor, Boston MA 02110. All content provided including, but not limited to, textual and graphical representations are intended for qualifying discussions only. PowerPoint® and iPad® are respective trademarks of Microsoft® and Apple®. eReportal is a proprietary investment communications platform created and maintained by Varden. Greater than a client reporting software, eReportal can provide custom point-of-entries for cross-enterprise data and content strategies. eReportalDeck is an investment pitchbook software that provides data-driven PowerPoint®. It enables standard desktop-based Microsoft Office® applications to dynamically reference enterprise-served data. Matrix is a data and process recon and exceptions monitoring platform. It can be deployed as an investment operations recon software, pre and post trade compliance software, and workflow software. It serves data governance, operational risk, and business intelligence strategies. erCore is a custom deployment of eReportal. Versions can exist as stand-alone external reporting portals such as institutional client portal, advisory portal, and internal reporting portal. Varden's proprietary portal concept can source third-party generated content.  erCore's deployments can also target custom operational platforms, as for example a client servicing operational software, where on-demand reporting and content self-servicing can be achieved.